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Water water everwhere, but not enough to cool the exhaust…

So, what happens when the cooling water is either interrupted or inadequate?  Take a look at the picture and see for yourself.  This is a great example of several things.  First, it is important to know that it can happen at any time.  Checking to make sure that all valves are open and properly working and the water pump is in good working condition should be at the top of your startup checklist.  This muffler is at least 10 years old and was manufactured by Marine Muffler.  As you can see, when the temperature gets hot enough, the glass gets baked out of the fiberglass matrix.  The second thing to note is that although the muffler is ruined and must be replaced, the failure is usually not catastrophic in nature.  In other words, if this component was made of plastic – as some out there are – the situation would have been much different for the boat owner.  Because it was made from heat resistant fiberglass, the boat owner was able to make it safely back to port.  And finally, the third thing to note is that our engineers here at Centek can custom design and build a new muffler and get the boat owner back on the water.  While we have over 1500 standard parts and components, custom building to meet performance and space requirements is our specialty.

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