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Spring is a good time to check your exhaust system

As Spring rolls around each year, thoughts turn to preparation for the upcoming boating season. One important system to inspect is the exhaust which includes hose connections and clamps, fiberglass mufflers and tubing.  Aside from making sure all connections are secure, a close inspection looking for telltale signs of a leak is time well spent.  Look for dripping water on the muffler body or water in the general area of the muffler.  Also notice any salt deposits on the muffler, which appear as a white chalky substance and indicate a weeping spot where water is escaping.


“Almost 100% of the time, this type of leak indicates that the muffler experienced overheating due to a loss of cooling water in the exhaust stream “said Ken Harstel , VP of Operations at Centek Marine.


Common causes of overheating are obstructions in water intakes or a faulty or underperforming water pump. If a boat owner spends a lot of time at idle or slow speeds, the water flow may not be adequate to cool the exhaust temperatures.  In these cases, additional water flow to the system may be required.   Centek uses high temperature flame retardant resin for all exhaust components,however, if cooling water is interrupted, exhaust temperatures can sky rocket quickly.  When temperatures reach a certain point, the resin is essentially baked out of the fiberglass, causing water droplets to seep from the damaged area.



Have a question about your muffler or other exhaust system components? Ask the experts at Centek. Email , fax your question to 1+229.228.1270, or call 1+800.950.7653 (toll free in the US) or 1+229.228.7653.

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