World Leader in Custom Marine Exhaust

With the new Gen-Kleen SL from Centek Marine, you don’t have to swim in the oily sheen that forms around your boat when the generator is running. This proven technology filters the hydrocarbon pollution from the generator’s cooling water discharge.

  • Engineered specifically for generators up to 40kW or generators with 3” elbows or smaller
  • Gen-Kleen components have a compact footprint and are designed to fit in smaller engine compartments
  • Excellent filter life – 200+ hours
  • Easy-to-change filter cartridge
  • Creates no additional backpressure to genset
  • Based on the same technology of the Gen-Kleen Filtration System – hundreds of which are in use worldwide
  • gen-kleen-SL

    How it works.

    1. Lift muffler* – may already be installed on vessel. Exhaust gas and cooling water enter the lift muffler from the generator and are lifted above the waterline to the Gen-Sep.

    2. Gen-Sep – 18.00” (L) x 7.63” (W) x 21.31” (H). Install above lift muffler and above water line. Separates the cooling water from the exhaust gas. Exhaust gas is vented to atmosphere and cooling water is stored in the internal reservoir.

    3. Control Panel – 2.81” (L) x 5.19” (W) x 5.63” (H). Operates the system by controlling pump which transfers polluted cooling water to the filter canister. Bypass feature allows operator to choose when filtering takes place.

    4. Pump – 17.50” (L) x 8.60” (W) x 8.76” (H). Transfers polluted water from reservoir to filter canister then pumps clean water overboard.

    5. Filter Housing – Single: 7.25” (L) x 8.19” (W) x 28.75” (H); Twin: 7.25” (L) x 17.19” (W) x 28.75” (H). Contains patented filter that binds to hydrocarbon pollution and allows clean water to pass through freely.

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